General Information:, click on "Registration". 

To sign up for a Directed Study, please visit the Student Portal and under the Registrar tab, click Directed Studies Request.
You must arrange to take the DS with a professor prior to filling out this form.

This Directed Studies Request link will take you to a form like this:

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After clicking submit, you will receive an email in 1-3 business days asking for your electronic signature to start a Directed Study contract.

This process will also automatically request signatures from the Professor, Department Chair, Student Accounts and The Registrar's Office. Once all parties have signed, the Registrar's Office will add the course to your schedule.

Dropping: Please keep in mind that registering for a DS invovles a contract and dropping the course in the Registration Dashboard does not cancel the contract. You must notify the Registrar's Office of your intent to drop the course and cancel the contract.

Contact us: