General Information: (updated early Spring),, click "Seniors".

Graduation Hotline: 661-362-2816

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  • Date and time
  • Location, map & parking, local hotels and motels
  • Guest Seating, Handicapped & Disabled Seating
  • Photography
  • Livestream
  • Post Ceremony Celebration
  • Graduation vendors: photographer, announcements, rings
  • Graduation Events: Grad practice, departmental pictures, line-up 

Graduation Events & Deadlines: See this year's dates at

Before Graduation Day:
    1. Graduation Contract due: the last day of the Fall semester prior to graduating.
    2. Proof of Transfer: 
    3. Honors department chapel: April. Receive honors medals.
    4. Mandatory Graduation Meeting: April. Receive graduation regalia and important graduation instructions.
Graduation Day:
    1. Mandatory Graduation Practice: Morning of Graduation in TMU Gym.
    2. Departmental Pictures: Day of graduation. Schedule will be distributed to students. 
    3. Graduation Line-Up: Prior to commencement on the upper field at COC. 
    4. Commencement


Caps & Gowns
Ordering : The Registrar's Office orders caps & gowns during Spring Break for students who have a finalized graduation contract and are walking in the graduation ceremony. 

Pick-up: Regalia will be distributed to students during the Mandatory Graduation Meeting in April. Students who do not attend the mandatory meeting may pick up their package in the Registrar's Office after this event.

Hood color: is based on your major.

Double-major: You may pick which color of hood to wear during the graduation ceremony.

Size: Your cap & gown is based on the height you provide on your graduation contract and your hood color is based on your major.

Plus size: Plus size gowns can be ordered on request. OR, consider a taller gown because the garment size increases with each 3" height increment. Gowns are available to try-on in the Registrar's Office.

The Registrar's Office does not order regalia for staff or faculty.

Honors Medals
Based on your GPA as of the end of the Winterim semester (does not count Spring GPA). If your award changes after all of your grades are posted after the Spring semester, you may request the medal you've earned! Please contact
Graduation Tickets: All students will receive 12 tickets with their cap & gown. Additional tickets can be requested in the Registrar's Office after the Mandatory Graduation Meeting.Contact us: