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How can I know if a course I took at another college will transfer to TMU? 

Please visit our website: to see which courses will transfer from other institutions. Scroll down until you see a tab that says, "transfer courses". Click here to see a list of institutions as well as CLEP/AP tests. The links provided will show you which courses/tests will specifically fulfill our General Education requirements. 

If you started at TMU during the Fall 2015 semester or later, please click the link that says, "Fall 2015 or later". 
If you started at TMU prior to the Fall 2015 semester, please click the link that says, "Pre-Fall 2015."

If you don't see your college on the list please follow these instructions: Please email the name of the college, the name/code/description of the course(s) to for approval.


I took a course at another college which should fulfill a major requirement, why isn't it showing on my transcripts? Major requirements that were fulfilled at other institutions will not show on your TMU transcripts. Your major advisor will track your major requirements and exclude any exceptions, including transfer work, from your graduation contract that will confirm your graduation requirements when you are a senior. If there are any questions about the fulfillment of your major requirements, please contact your major advisor. The Registrar's Office does not advise on major requirements.

I took a Gen Ed at another college, why is it not showing on my transcripts?
  1. Do we have your transcripts from the other institution? If so, do the transcripts show all of your grades? Sometimes, we will be sent transcripts before grades have been posted for a given semester. If there is not grade, you will not receive credit. You can check with the Registrar's Office to see what we have on file for you.
  2. Is the course approved for transfer? Please review the instructions above to see college-specific lists that show exactly which courses will transfer.
How long does it take for transfer work to show on my transcripts? Once we receive the transcripts, it may take 1-3 business days to appear on your transcripts depending on the work load and time of year. However, as soon as you are awarded credit, your unofficial transcript in Self-Service is updated in real-time. Click on "View & Print My Unofficial Transcript" to check for updates.

  1. Transfer students who have satisfied ALL of the requirements for either IGETC  (UC or CSU) or BREADTH prior to enrolling at TMU will be considered to have their non-Bible GE class requirements complete.  No further non-Bible GE classes will be required at TMU.
  2. Bible General Education. Transfers with ≥ 24 units will only need to satisfy one Bible course per semester of enrollment until graduation. The first fivein any sequence, must be Old Testament Survey I & II, New Testament Survey I & II, and Essentials of Christian Thought.
  3. Transfer students may submit their transcripts to their Admissions Counselor for academic advising at any time before enrolling for their first semester.

How many transfer units have transferred in for me? Visit Self-Service and click on "View & Print My Unofficial Transcript" on the home page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the total number of transfer units awarded. Review each semester to see which units came from which institution (if multiple).

Which Gen Eds have transferred for me? Visit Self-Service and click on "View & Print My Unofficial Transcript" on the home page. Scroll through the page, courses with a grade of "TR" have been awarded transfer credit. 

I took "xyz course" at another college, why isn't this course listed on my transcripts?  Only Gen Eds that have been awarded and courses taken at TMU will appear on your TMU transcripts. General Electives will only appear as a number of transferred units. These units will count towards the minimum 122 unit requirement. 
Example of general elective transfer units: 

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