General Information:, click on "Seniors" in the menu. 

All students intending to graduate must complete a graduation contract. 

When to start: Students are encouraged to start their graduation contract during the Spring semester of their Junior year. 
Deadline: The graduation contract must be signed by the Registrar's Office by the end of the Fall semester of their senior year. (Fall semester prior to May Graduation ceremony.) 
Late Fee: The graduation contract process is a 4-step process. If the process is not completed by the deadline, the student will pay a $75 late fee prior to STEP 4 (below).

Graduation Contract Process - 4 STEPS

STEP 1: STUDENT Start your graduation contract in Student Portal by clicking the Start Grad Contract button:

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STEP 2: ADVISOR Meet with your major advisor to confirm your remaining major requirements. Your advisor will sign the electronic contract and complete Step 2.  

STEP 3: GRAD FEE Visit the Student Portal and click "Pay Grad Fee" to pay your graduation fee of $250 ($25 if not walking in the ceremony). This will complete STEP 3. If this step happens after the deadline, you will be charged a $75 late fee.

***Steps 1-3 must be complete prior to your Step 4 appointment. 

STEP 4: FINALIZE WITH REGISTRAR –  The Registrar's Office will be notified when you pay your grad fee and will email the final contract to your TMU email in the next the few days. This email will include a review of the contents of the contract, and will ask you to sign and return the contract. After you return the signed contract, the Registrar's Office will also sign, completing the process. This will complete STEP 4.

*Note: the deadline helps to confirm that you are registered for the correct classes prior to your final semester starting. 


I'm not sure which step I'm on: contact us at and we'll let you know!

I want to make a change to my graduation contract (name on diploma, diploma address, home town...)? Let us know at 

I'm planning to move, but I don't know my new address yet, what is the deadline to update my address? Let us know as soon as soon as you can at We will begin to send diplomas no earlier than 1 week after graduation. If you are planning to change your address around that time, let us know and we'll note on your graduation contract to contact you before sending the diploma. 

Should I put my middle name on my diploma? We usually say 'yes', your parents will like it! 

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