The Registrar's Office does not keep course syllabuses. 

Current and recent students will have access to past course syllabuses in Canvas.

If you do not have access to Canvas, please contact the Academic Department's Administrative Assistant and/or Department Chair through which the course was offered for a copy of the syllabus. They will want to know the following information: 

  1. The course name and ID (Example: Old Testament Survey I, B101).
  2. The year and semester that you took the course (Example: Spring 2016).
  3. The method through which you took the course (Example: lecture or online session 1 or 2).
  4. The professor's name.

Please visit for contact information for the Academic Departments.

You may also contact for help finding a contact person.


I don't remember the course name/ID, year/semester, professor: You can find the course name/ID, year and semester by viewing your Unofficial Transcripts. The Academic Department may be able to identify the professor OR contact with the course name/ID, semester and year for the professor's name.

I'm unable to log in to view my unofficial transcripts: Please contact IT at or 661-362-2876.

Contact us: