General Information:, click on the Policies drop down, see Verification of Enrollment. 

Verification of Enrollment: used to verify that a student in enrolled for a given semester and their status (full time, half-time...). Examples include: student loan deferment, good student discounts on auto insurance, health insurance, scholarships etc. Can be requested at any time, however future information cannot be verified.

Directory Information (Click on the FERPA drop down): can be provided without a student's signature. Requests for additional information such as GPA, grades, or other personally identifying information cannot be released without the student's signature. 

How to Request: Sometimes a third party will provide a form for the student to fill out and sign, which can be given to the Registrar's Office. If the third party does not provide a form, a letter can be written from the Registrar's Office on a TMU letterhead.

To request a verification please fill out a Enrollment or Degree Verification Request Form. This for is also available in the Registrar's Office. 

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